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Filtering out microplastics where they are created

Possible module combinations of the urban filter: Depending on the catchment area, different filters are required to filter the floating, suspended and sedimentable particles from the water. The filters contribute to a continuous improvement of the water quality and relieve rivers and lakes. Technically, both fine pore structures such as larger retention spaces, but also sieves of different mesh sizes, magnetic fields and the possibility of local infiltration in the modules are used. The service life and performance of the filters can be significantly increased by an intelligent networking concept that is additionally adapted to the filters, for example to optimize street cleaning. From left to right: combination of side inlet grille and filter skirt and sedimentation module, in the middle: combination of retention space in the curb, funnel and infiltration in the shaft, right: combination of porous asphalt, optimized leaf basket and magnetic module.

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